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Fantastic Finish Mobile Detailing provides expert interior and exterior cleaning and finish restoration for your vehicles.

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Fantastic Finish Mobile Detailing offers you a custom monthly maintenance program designed just for you to keep your vehicle ready to impress at all times.

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… to Fantastic Finish Mobile Detailing.

>> They say you are what you drive, so make yourself sparkle!

Since 1997, Fantastic Finish Mobile Detailing has been polishing it’s detailing skills while polishing all sorts of vehicles; all to give you the best detailing experience possible.

Fantastic Finish’s background is in the ultra demanding field of aircraft restoration and detailing. We use only the “state of the art” techniques and materials necessary to make your vehicle look its best no matter what your vehicle might be. A clean car can give you a new outlook on life.

>>Call and book your appointment to shine.

You always have a cheerful smile when I see you. I like your honesty and ‘tell it like you see it’ approach. Plus, you do great work on cars! You are meticulous and it shows in your detailing.”Libby Jason, Regional Vice President, Orange County, CA

Rare, exotic, classic, and custom automobiles are a specialty. We proudly serveĀ  all Orange County communities, southern Los Angeles County, and northern San Diego County. Fantastic Finish Mobile Detailing is a green business and uses environmentally friendly products to clean all your vehicles. We are Ne Plus certified.

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